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  This design is unique for the bust that it is showcasing. It is made of solid walnut, with a brass etched banner as a header. The scrolls represent the history passed during his tenure as principal. The student body is sublimated onto laserable brushed gold sign material, being in the background behind the bust.
2008 Most Creative
  This package of recognition products ties the theming of products together with a similar look or logo. Using mainly sublimateable products, the subligraphic design employed several office products and tools.
2008 Best Recognition Package
2007 Consumer's Choice Award Winner
2006 Consumer's Choice Award Winner
2005 Consumer's Choice Award Winner
2005 International Awards Hall of Fame Inductee
This design uses a large solid walnut display box. The box looks like a large book when closed. We used ths to feature our new A-1 Star. Behind the star is a mirrored surface adding to the richness of detail found in the star.
2003 best trophy
2003 Best Trophy
2002 best plaque
This design featured a rosewood piano finished plaque laser engraved and filled with gold. The 3D golden godess was created by laser, sandcarving and rolling the metal. The beach was created using sanpaper cut to fit. The side and bottom borders were lasered and filled with diamond costume jewlry with large diamond studs on the corners.
2002 best plaque
2002 Best Plaque
2000 ARA "Speaker of the Year"
This award featured the richness of walnut in old school fashion. This trophy was made from "scratch" being that nothing convetional was used other than the figurine.
2000 best trophy
2000 Best Trophy
This plaque combined convetional plaque making methods with a three dimensional almost animated design of falling dominos.
1999 best plaque
1999 Best Plaque
This plaque is a metal framed shadow box with a 3D casting drawing attention to the city skyline. A reverse carved sandcarving just below the casting floats above an engraved plate.
1998 best plaque
1998 Best Plaque
This is another trophy that was manufactured from scratch. All pieces were custom manufactured including the flamed top. Behind the skier you will see a sandcarved moonlit scene. The skier is our own unique figurine.
1998 best trophy
1998 Best Trophy
1994 best trophy
1994 Best Trophy
This trophy design was made around the "Valvoline" logo. It features a skyline of Detroit over a checkered flag under which the familiar "V" logo is displayed. Most of the trophy was made with materials used for making simulated marble countertops.
1992 best trophy
1992 Best Trophy